Which Mom are you?

If there is any thing that I haven’t learned about mommy groups is you learn to identify which mom is who and which one are you . which mom is on the ball and which one is well, not .

So in honor of bad moms let me introduce you to 7 types of mom’s. Whether it’s in person or in a group chat you can clearly identify these different types of moms.

The Watch Yourself Mom.
This mom is sweet as a clam; very friendly, thoughtful and helpful. But even though she’s nice she will go from 0 to 100 real quick.You know she’s capable of going there but you know better not to upset the Dr Hyde in her Jekyll.

The Comic Mom
This mom is just straight up hilarious! She is always cracking jokes to lighten up the mood. Her timing for humour is always spot on when the group needs a good laugh.

The F#@! Mom
Let’s be honest, this mom is the one with the most filthiest mouth. She tends to swear a F#@! load (see what I did there) and can you guess what her favorite swear word is. That’s right…f#@k . Whether she’s stubbed her toe or dealing with a minute situation. The F-bomb just slips out her mouth.

The MIA Mom
They disappear for days,weeks even months, and then all of a sudden they reappear like nothing’s ever happened. They catch up with other moms give them the tea and just like a Tumbleweed to the wind they’re gone, again. Never to be seen or heard again, well maybe in a month or so.

The Holy Cow Mom
This mom is one drink away from losing her shit. She’s the mom that is busy and so overwhelmed. Every time you reach her or she messages the group chat she out somewhere with her kids, who are slowly driving her up the wall. She’s the mom that just needs one full weekend to recharge her battery before she heads back out on the trenches.

The On It Mom
This mom is on it!! Like believe me when I say, shit is planned. They are organized, they have a calendars, they could probably tell you when each child’s birthday is. They are usually the mother that has to remind everyone about the next play date, or where the next potluck will be. This mom has her shit together ! She’s the one breaking out suggestion on where to meet or where to eat . We thank this mom cause if it wasn’t for her most of us would be at home bored.

The Hot Mess Mom
This mom…well..let’s just say motherhood is like the morning after a crazy drunken night. The hangover. They’re always asleep They’re forgetting to go to planned meet ups. They’re always forgetting something at home whether it’s a spoon to feed their child a bib or their brains. They just don’t have it together.

Which one am I ? I have to admit I am definitely hot mess mom ask anyone I am always forgetting something . And I could never for the life of me, remember events. I am so thankful for the on it mom cause if it wasn’t for her I’d be home suffering from some sort of ┬ácabin fever.

So whether your the comic relief or the F#@! Mom. The great thing about mommy groups is that new friendship are formed and we all go through the journey of motherhood together. Both the ups the downs and the what the F#@!

which one are you



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