Victoria Day Weekend

Location: Toronto,Canada

Since I am relatively new to Toronto it’s always nice to get out and explore. But let’s face it, I don’t want to do all that exploring with a big bulky stroller. So when Victoria day weekend  came around I thought it would be a great time to explore a little section of the city Drake calls home.


We kicked off our exploration on Sunday and visited downtown  Toronto. We had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe (on Younge St) outside on the terrase. We were able to see all the nice cars as well as street performance from the comfort of our chair. The food and drinks were amazing. We had the little one with us and decided not to feed her the food we had just incase there was something in there that she could be allergic to. In that case I brought some pureed carrots and fed her while we ate.

Our day in the heart of Toronto

Our day in the heart of Toronto

I have to say that area reminded me alot of Time Square.Its probably not as extravagant as Time Square but it was damn near close.

Monday was where most part of the action and excitement was. My boyfriend and I decided to take our daughter to Ripleys Aquarium. I’ve always seen street ads about it and came close to the building every time I visited but never had the chance to check it out. So what is this Ripley Aquarium? It’s essentially a zoo but for underwater creatures. In which all these sea creatures are in massive fish tanks. Some of these tanks you can even go through!!

Ripleys Aquarium of Canada

Ripleys Aquarium of Canada

Let’s be honest this was really for my boyfriend. To my surprise it was actually very intresting and fun. We got to see all the diffrent types of sea creatures, from sharks to fishes, octopus and even jelly fish. What I likes about Ripleys Aquarium was that it’s really interactive for kids in some cases you were able to touch the animals. I didn’t touch anything however my boyfriend (who is a huge animal lover) did.

My favorite part was seeing the shark eggs. Now I am afraid of sharks but what was cool about it is that there was light  that illuminated the shark eggs and you could see the baby sharks! (So cool!!)

Oh emm gee !! That's one big crab!!

Oh emm gee !! That’s one big crab!!

Now is this place good for a 7 month old. I would say for the most part, yes and no. Yes, because Jenaé was definitely stimulated and engaged in all the diffrent types of creatures. However she couldn’t touch things (after all she is a baby!) . No, because after a while she got disengaged and was pretty much done. So it all depends on your baby, only you know your child well, for some they may be engaged and stimulated, for others they couldn’t care less and are ready to go. One things for sure we will definetly go back when she is older and has more awareness in what she’s looking at.



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