ARMAGEDDON?!?!: The US presidential elections

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I know it been a minute since I’ve posted a blog and I will explain myself in my later post but for now I want to discuss what I’m sure everyone is discussing. Yes you’ve guessed it.. The US elections.


Now I know what you guys are thinking. “Your not American ? Why do you care”, well for one, I have family and friends that live in the United States so it’s only natural for me to worry about the future of that country. And let’s be frank, the US is the leader of the free world, so if your not concerned then you should be, because whatever president elected to lead the free world could directly or indirectly affect other contries. Think of it this way, Donald trump *shudders* is elected school president. Even though your not in the same class as him he is school president so his decisions will eventually impact you. Hence his speal about building a wall between the US and Mexico, do you not think that’s going to impact race relation with Mexico?

Over the past months and I mean months before the run for presidency. I’ve watched the racial tension in the States just start to boil from cops racially Profiling blacks, to Muslim individual’s dealing with hate threats and vandalism. It’s something that you cannot avoid it’s constantly on the news. It was only a matter of time before someone was going to use this to their advantage . Cue Donald trump. He used people’s fears and hatred about minorities and ran for president. When I saw that he was running I was like, “this is a joke right”? There’s no way this bigot (yes I said bigot if you don’t know what it means you can Google it) would ever become president. But then I woke up November 9 to the biggest shock of my life. I didn’t watch the elections because I had hope and faith in the American people that they would elect the right individual.

Now, yes, Hilary is questionable, but she has the most experience and is really competent to be leader. When I found out she lost as a woman it hurt me to the core. I wanted to cry ,because she’s worked so hard and tiredlessly for the country. She had years of hope snd dreams for her country and this was a slap in the face. It’s something we as women know all to well the struggles of trying to prove your competency only to be discarded. Had she been elected I wanted to be able to tell every girl,including my daughter that she can literally be anything including president. Especially since my daughter has race and gender against her.I want her to know that bullying your way to the top won’t get you no where. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. And to add insult to injury she lost to a sexist, racist driven prick .

So why am I worried? Donald trump used the fears and hatred of many to get elected. And now my fear is that its just going to get worse for minority people.  I am already hearing stories from families and friends of white people telling them that now that trump is elected they will be kicked out of America.. I’ve heard children…. CHILDREN! Telling other children And taunting them that they’ll be deported. This is what we want to teach our children…

I’ve always been aware of racism in the states but I was hopeful it wasn’t as bad as what our forefathers had to deal with. I was hopeful that we were moving forward. No my mind I thought we will deal with it so u really children won’t have to. This election has been a huge wake up call for me that racism is very much alive and kicking it was just hidden.

So what now? I couldn’t even tell you. From the UK Brexit to this , the messsage is clear, “you are not welcome nor wanted *insert racial slur* leave or we’ll make you”.

I think the only thing I can do is stay hopeful that either he will surprise us and if not…



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