Update: Motherhood 0-3

As a first time mother I think for most of us we can say that becoming a mother is such a shock to the system.  For some, the only experience you have with a baby, is the ones you had babysitting. All you know was feed baby, change baby, entertain baby and then return to sender . For other this is a serious shock to the system because they have had no experience with a baby. So let me give you a play by play of what to expect within the first 3 months. Please keep in mind that every case is different but for the most part here’s what motherhood is like 0-3 months.

Sleep…what is this sleep you speak of? During the first month alone you are around the clock feeding  (breastfeeding or formula). I know that for me I had to feed my little one on demand and then at night every 2 hours. Some people will argue that you should never wake a sleeping baby. I think this is only the case after baby is over 3 months but in the first month it’s really important that baby gets his/her food. After you give birth babies tend to lose the weight while being in the hospital. So the first month let alone the first weeks are really crucial to their development. Sometimes it depend if the baby gains the weight prior to leaving the hospital if by the time you leave the hospital and the doctor says wake baby, you wake that baby and you feed! Don’t listen to anyone ,wake that baby and feed. But don’t expect to get any sleep. Also keep in mind babies don’t have a sleep schedule so expect baby to wake up and ask for food literally when ever.  It’s definitely hard and rude awakening but let me be the first to tell you .CONGRATULATIONS AND WELCOME TO PARENTHOOD!!! (raise the roof)


Don’t expect much action from baby in the first 2 and a half months baby just pretty much cries eats and sleep sorry that smile you thought you saw wasn’t an actual smile it was more baby letting one rip… (sorry)


If your read my article for dad’s, then you know that I had mentioned for mothers who choose to breastfeed expect your little one to be joint to you from the hip. Congratulations your now a walking milk factory!!! Since your all baby knows you can expect baby to throw major shade to dad and may not want to be held by dad. Don’t worry this will pass. Trust me I know.


Remember when you and your partner got along..yeah..expect there to be a little more argument and sadly this is due to crying baby and sleep deprivation. Solution, schedule a date night with you and partner. Get dressed up remind each other why you took vows and why you choose them to have kids with.


Mom’s please sleep when baby sleep. Trust me you’ll be happy you did.


This is my favourite point to make and I’m sure many other moms can agree. EVERYONE WILL HAVE AN INPUT ON HOW YOU SHOULD RAISE YOUR CHILD!! Trust me it’s inevitable, from family to friends (who don’t even have kids) . They will love to tell you how to be a parent especially your parents after all they had you and you turned out fine? Right?I know in my experience my mom kept telling me to put my daughter on her stomach when she was born. Now the rule is never put baby on their stomach, but rather to put them on their stomach if you want to reduce SIDS. But keep one thing in mind times change, what worked for your parents may not work with you. Only you know your child best, and only you are the parent for that child. So if you given unsolicited advice just smile and nod and keep it moving.

Finally, Mom’s try not to play super mom you cannot do everything with a newborn. Yes, before you were able to have the house clean supper cooked and errands done all before 6 pm. That is not going to be the case with a newborn. If people offer to help.TAKE IT! If you try to do it all trust me you’ll feel burned out and tired. If your parents offers to make you a couple of days worth of supper take it! ! The last thing you want to do is finish cooking and ready to take a little nap only to have the little one wake up.

Above all enjoy theses brutal month. Yes, the first three months are the roughest. But by the time you hit 8 month your little newborn isn’t so little and you dumbfounded as to were the time went. So soak up every bit of it. I think my only regret is not getting tons of pictures of my daughter during her first month of life. So take tons of pictures because they do change drastically. As much as you may not believe me when I say this but, enjoy the moment. I know that’s hard to say with sleep deprivation but what help me and my partner was trying to find the humor in things. Eventually their sleep schedule does pan out a little  (i said a little ) enough for you to catch up on sleep. So enjoy all the ups and downs of parenting. You’re in for a bumpy ride.


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