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When my sister in law introduced me to all different types of apps that follow you throughout your pregnancy I was thrilled. Each week I was notified on developmental stages, which was quite exciting. However I think the app that I spent a good deal of time was Babycenter this app has everything. From what to expect each week to even taking pictures of the baby belly.The ┬áthing I like the most about this app is that it placed you in a mommy forum in the month of your expected due date. ┬áSo you were able to connect with mother’s all across the country. You got to read about mother’s breaking their pregnancy to significant other,family and friends to their birthing stories and picture of bundle of joy to go with it. I have to admit when I first started reading the post they were so confusing. Everything was in the forms of acronyms, eventually you start to pick up what they all mean. But for those of you who are new to the mommy forum or just need a reminder I’ve come up with a list of acronyms to help you out.

AC – Assisted conception
AI – Artificial insemination
AIH – Artificial insemination with husband’s sperm
AIO – All-in-one; this means you don’t need a separate cover over the diaper, as in a disposable diaper
AP – Attachment parenting; a child rearing philosophy
ART – Assisted reproductive technology
BBT – Basal body temperature
BC – Birth control
BD – Baby dancing (sex for conception)
BF – Breastfeeding
BFN – Big fat negative (as in a pregnancy test)
BW – Blood week (period)
CC – Controlled crying; a method of sleep training for infants
CD – Cloth diaper
CIO – Cry it out; a method of sleep training for infants
CM – Cervical mucus
CVSs – Chorionic villus sampling; a form of prenatal diagnosis to determine chromosomal or genetic disorders
DA – Dairy allergy
DD – Dear daughter
DF – Dear fiance
DH – Dear husband
DI – Donor insemination
DPO – Days past ovulation
DS – Dear son
DSD – Dear step daughter
DSS – Dear step son
DTD – Do the deed (sex)
DXP – Dear ex partner, for people who are still on good terms with their exes
EBF – Exclusively breastfeeding
EBM – Expressed breast milk
EDD – Estimated date of delivery (due date)
EN – Extended nursing
EP – Ectopic pregnancy
ER – Egg retrival
ET – Embryo transfer
FF – Formula feeding
FS – Food stamps
FTM – First time mom
GD – Gestational diabetes
GF – Gluten-free
HPT – Home pregnancy test
IUI – Intrauterine insemination
IVF – In vitro fertilization
LAM – Lactational amennorhea method; referring to natural infertility while breastfeeding
LO – Little one
LP – Luteal phase
MC – Miscarriage
MIL – Mother-in-law
MS – Morning sickness
NAK – Nursing at keyboard
NFP – Natural family planning; or the rhythm method
NIP – Nursing in public
NTNP – Not trying/not preventing
O – Ovulation
OH – Other half
OPK – Ovulation predictor test kit
OWT – Old wives tale
PG – Pregnant
POAS – Pee on a stick
POF – Premature ovarian failure
SAHM – Stay at home mom
SB – Still birth
SW – Starting weight
TTC – Trying to conceive
US – Ultrasound
VBAC – Vaginal birth after cesarean
WAHM – Work at home mom
WOHM – Work out of home mom
WM – Working mom


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