Traveling with Baby

For those of you that don’t know I am originally from Montreal. After I had Jenaé I moved to Ontario, so I’ve been living here for just about six month. This year I decided to join my family to celebrate.Unfortunately due to work my boyfriend would not be joining us for the 10 days that I would be in town however he would be able to be in town one our last few days in the city.So that meant I would be travelling alone with a baby! 

 The more I thought about it the more it made me super anxious. What if she has a meltdown throughout the whole trip?  What means of transportation would I use to get there? So many things were running through my mind so I decided to do some research. My 3 options were bus,train or plane. Because she’s only a few months old I did not want to go by plane due to the ear pressure. I know the doctor told me to just breastfeed during take-off and landing to avoid the baby’s ears from popping. But I didn’t want to put her through that. Did I mention  I have a slight fear of flying?

So then there was bus but I felt like the bus is a little to small and cramped for me and baby especially if I need to sooth her by walking up and down the aisle (it could get bumpy) . Upon my research  I came across a blog of a mother who went by train.  Now, her daughter was a lot older then mine  ( a whole 10 months older) but she raved very highly of her experience on the train and highly encouraged it. She suggested that if you have the extra cash book business. I thought long and hard about the train and saw so many benefits. Spacious aisles for me to walk up and down with to soothe baby; there would be ample of legroom unlike the bus. So it was decided I was going to book with Via Rail,and I was going to book business. I think my only concern was that she would cry in business class, where there would be people trying to get work done, or may be on a business meeting from their laptop while on the ride. I decided I just needed to brace myself for the worst and take a chance and deal accordingly should that situation arise (can you tell I’m a first time mother?)

Traveling on Via RailsFriday morning at 5 am I got myself as well as my daughter ready. My boyfriend packed the car and we were on our way to catch the train. We arrived at 6:45 am unloaded the car and made our way to the platform. The train  came 15 minutes later we hauled our stuff on the train said bye to my boyfriend (Jenaé said bye to her daddy) we got on the train and we were off!

Can I say, that the staff was absolutely wonderful! They were so sweet and accommodating to my baby and I. I had originally booked one seat and carried my carrier with me but when I got there they gave me the two sweaters which had tons of room for Jenaé and I. Where we were seated we had a table and since I had a second seat I just put the car seat right next to me.  There was this one staff member that played with Jenaé and held her while I got things in my diaper bag. She even spoke to her in French  (which is great because I’m not doing such a good job keeping up with it). I was forever grateful for her because she went out of the way to help me with the baby. She made sure we were both happy and  comfortable. I mean who wouldn’t want to help me have you seen Jenaé??

Since my departure was early in the morning I was only eligible for breakfast. In which I had scrambled eggs, hash brown, croissant,sausage and a small fruit platter. Followed by unlimited mint tea, cookies and orange juice. I have to say I am not a hash brown lover but that hash brown  made me a fan.



Overall I have rave reviews for Via rail. From the friendly and helpful staff to the food it was overall a great experience!

So how was baby. Well for the most part she was good. Apart from the occasional fussing for food or to be put to sleep she was pretty well behaved. She even cooed quite often  (and I must say rather loudly).  The best part about being on the train is that it did the hard work for me.  And by that I mean it rocked her to sleep, I am not even joking . The only thing I suggest is bring a carrier just in case baby gets curious or fussy that way you can walk up and down the aisles with your hands free, just in case you need them.

With that being said I highly recommend taking the train with a baby. Now I can’t tell you what economy is like, but if you have the extra dollars book in the business class, you get great service and food (who doesn’t like a good hot meal?)

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