Product review: baby brezza

I have to admit , starting solids has been really challenging. There so much to choose , so many options. My brain is on complete overload. Not only that but our blender broke. So now how was I going to make baby food ? We decided not to get a new blender. Since we rarely used the last one.  I had to do some research and figure out a way to make baby food.

A friend of mines who also happens to be a mother told me about the baby brezza, one step glass food maker. She told me it’s amazing and the best investment she’s ever made. So I decided to look into it further. Thanks to the wonderful mom and dad vlogs on YouTube I was able to see countless videos as to how it works.

So how does it work? It pretty simple.Choose the fruit or vegetable of choice and cut them into cubes. You put it in the baby brezza, lock it and then press blend and Steam. You continue to press it until you reach the desired time (i.e 5 min 10 mon 15 min 20 min etc) and then press start. And that’s about it !! What I like about it is it does everything for you all you had to do is wash and slice. And you don’t have to do everything manually it does all for you so all you have to do is feed baby. Here I was using pots to steam and blender to puree. This product cuts my meal prep significantly in the kitchen and I love that. I can leave the brezza go put baby down for a nap and come back to it ready to serve.

There’s even an option to just blend if you want it pureed even more or to blend things that your don’t need steamed (i.e avocados). As well as a steam option which is great to stem veggies for toddlers who have their teeth and can each veggies.

I love love loveeeeeeeee this product. It’s super simple to use I can get my boyfriend to use it. The baby brezza has two food maker. The original one, which is made of plastic and the updated baby maker that’s made of glass. Of course I got the updated one just because. They are both bpa free so you don’t have to worry about chemicals going into your baby food. Now let’s get real, this product isn’t cheap and  starts at 150 bucks CAD. You can find it on Amazon for the older model and on Bed Bath and Beyond website (Buy Buy Baby), I am sure you can find it in store as well. Although it’s expensive it’s a great investment and definitely help alot and you can use it from infancy to toddler. You can even put in cooked meat! And let’s be honest you can probably use this on Mommies night, can you say strawberry daiquiri ??

So what do I give this product? 5 full wet diapers out of five. It’s worth every penny.



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