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So if you have been following me on instagram you would know that last week Wednesday, Jenae and I went to a Parenting workshop.It was a full day geared to give mothers (with baby of course) all the necessary tools and information to survive their first year of parenting.

Lets face it, as a first time mother I have no clue what I am doing. Sadly being a parent wasn’t one of my university core courses. So to get any information really helps me and better prepares me for what milestone is ahead as well as how to be better prepared when I get there. So the workshop covered 4 topics;

  • sleep
  • potty training
  • infant nutrition
  • choosing a daycare.

Out of the following four topics you had to choose two. Prior to each topic there would be 2 small sub-topics, which included financial planning and CPR. Financial planning was essentially to better educate parents about planning nor only for the child future but for our retirement. It went into the difference between RESP (registered education savings plan) and RRSP (registered retirement saving plans). I found this lecture to be the most enlightening because it reminds parents that we really need to get a head start on our child’s future as well as our own . The lecture also informed parents about things like life insurance, disability coverage etc. All things that are really important in case something should happen you want to make sure you will be okay financially and not have to worry about things such as how the mortgage will be paid. My suggestion is to talk to a Financial advisor. Not one that you would find at the bank just because these advisor’s are only familiar with the products they have to offer and can only give you recommendations with the limited tools they have. You want to find a financial advisor that has knowledge all across the board and can guide you to an unlimited amount of resources and knowledge.The topics that I choose was Infant nutrition and Sleep.

Mommy workshop

Our wonderful sleep consultant from Sleeperic, did an awesome job giving us the proper information on the importance of a good sleep. Sleep basically covered the general information like how a newborn need between 14-18 hours of sleep were as babies need 12- 15 hours of sleep. They also highly encourage establishing a routine so that baby knows that soon it will be time to go to bed. I had established a bed time routine for Jenae at 3 months. At that time our main focus was really to get Jenae to love baths ( the child hated baths) but our routine consisted of feeding,bath, massage/getting baby into onesies, feeding again and then bed. Now that she’s 6 months our routine we replaced the first feeding with rice cereal instead of breast. I know first hand how effective establishing a routine is, and plus mommy needs some mommy time. The earlier they go to bed the more time you get to yourself. They mentioned about sleep association, these are actions or things that help put baby to sleep for instance I tend to rock Jenae, this rocking motion is what puts her to sleep, that would be considered a sleep association. She suggested that if your going to sleep associate let them finish the job instead of you. So if you notice that her eye are getting droopy while your rocking instead of continuing to rock baby until they fall asleep let them finish the work themselves by putting themselves to sleep. The sleep session was very informative and helpful (since we will be starting sleep training soon) .

The second topic I choose was infant nutrition. I choose that because we are introducing Jenae to solids and I have no idea what to do where to start and what to introduce. It informed us as to what age to start solids, what to introduce and what happens if you introduce solids and different texture to late.

Overall it was a very informative event. They had prizes as well as nice little dance session with parent and baby.

Let the salsa dancing begin. #salsabaies #lwabwonderland #lwabevents

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I got to meet some mothers as well as their son/daughter and I also bumped into some familiar faces, mothers I have already met thanks to Babycenter. I must say there was so much information it was hard to keep up, let alone jot down notes since miss Jenae was with me and I’m sure lot of other mothers can agree. I wished they had put together a little booklet of all the important point that were covered in each lecture. Because lets face it, mommy brain is real and we wont be able to remember everything.


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