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What we really want for mothers day

With mother’s day coming up (well its literally being tomorrow). I am sure most of you all will be running to the nearest store to buy cards, chocolate and flowers.  But for those of you that forgot that mother’s day is tomorrow and the stores are closed let me help you make it up so it doesn’t look like you screwed up.

So what do we want for mother’s day ? Simple!

For mother’s with small children  4year and under:

If your kids are at the age of potty training  and temper tantrum all we really want is one day where we don’t have to do laundry,cook and clean. Oh! and actually be able to drink a hot/ warm cup of tea or coffee. These mother’s want to feel human again and not feel like we are the on call milk man. Why not treat this mom to  day to herself where she can do the things she’s always wanted to do. Whether it’s trying out yoga or reading that book that laying in the counter since Chrismas. Or even treating mom out to the spa and get her hair did and her nails done. Just as long as dad takes the kids to allow her that time to recharge her battery.  Will you(dad) be tired? Most likely but then you’ll have a greater sense as to how much she does you’ll appreciate her and love her so much more.

For the soon to be mother’s:

Soon your little bundle of I mean joy will be upon you. (you have no idea what your in for do you?) So for those mother’s, who are going through the aches and pains of pregnancy a nice pregnancy messages will be nice and some quality time. Remember, when baby come it’s going to get crazy so youll want to soak uo as much time as possible. Because you may not get is as frequently or easily when baby arrives.

For the mother’s with small children 4 to 12:

Get the kids to make breakfast in bed obviously with daddys help . Get them to tidy around the house so mom can just relax For the day

For mother’s with teenagers and young adults so that 13 to 29:

(Do I really need to tell you what moms want?) Take mom out for dinner. Buy her that ‘thing’ she always wanted. And if you have no idea what that thing is, I’m sure mom would be ok with a coach or Michael Kors bag ( I gotchu ladies 😉)

For mom of adult children 30 plus;

All she wants is your time. Whether it’s time with her in the kitchen  talking and cooking together to a dinner at a restaurant all she wants is her loved one around. From her children, to grandchildren, to  her spouse it’s all about memories that she’ll hold dear in her heart and treasure.


All jokes aside, all mother’s want is the acknowledgment and the appreciation  of what we do. For a lot of mom’s out there we are the cop,the doctor, the best friend, that shoulder to cry on, we are judge and the jury. We are the one that will ride or die for our children . I always assumed being a mother was easy because I had a mother that made it look so effortless. I thought that this would be a piece of cake, boy was I wrong. It isn’t until you become a mother yourself that you realise that it’s not as easy as it looks.

So to all the mother’s that have sacrificed a little bit of them to stay at home to raise smart, humble health kids. We appreciate you

To all the mother’s that are holding down the fortress alone playing mom and dad. Working twice as hard  to make sure your child has all the basic essentials but also going above and beyond as well ensure they are raising happy and healthy kids. We love you

To the working mom who has to put in a 9 to 5 and then come home to do a 5 to 9 getting the kids to their extra curricular activities and then coming home to make supper , feed kids, make sure homework is done and kids are bathed  and in bed.. We thank you

To the mother’s that helped their children  attain their dreams at the expense of their own . From the soccer mom’s to the dance mom’s that were their to wipe eyes during defeat and celebrate during victory.  Who’ve have been there along every step of the way. We are grateful to you

To mother’s that are no longer among the living whose memories we share and will never forget. We miss you

And finally To my mother who has taught me that bitterness as well as the beauty in life who wasn’t afraid to put my ass in check. Who taught me independence but more importantly, above all else love and kindness. Whose been  their in my darkess hour as well follow me along my journey and help mold me to the woman that I am now. I don’t think I would be who I am today if not for you . I thank you and I love you


So to all the mother’s out there…

Happy mothers day


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