Mothers Day recap

Last Sunday I celebrated my first mother’s day. I must say till this day I am always baffled that I am now a mother so you can imagine how weird it was for me to be celebrating this day.

Normally I am the one planning the day with my mother but this year I received phone calls and text messages from friends and family wishing me happy mothers day. Which was super sweet .

So as mother’s days came and went I took a moment to reflect on motherhood. It has definitely  been a challenging new role that i have taken on . I am still wondering whether my daughter will sleep through the nights or is its something I can dream about. But I can say that being a mother is a constant 24/7 365 job there’s no days off (unless you blessed to have a partner that gives you a day to your self) . But going through all the trials and tribulations of motherhood you start to really appreciate mother’s.  I know that the first three months of my daughter being born I had a new found respect for mothers, for my mother.  After many late night feedings and sleepless nights you start to wonder and then conclud, my mother went through  all this for me!  And for that I am forever grateful. As a young adult I was pretty anti. Anti, valentine’s day, mother’s day, fathers day etc. I believe that love,mother’s and father’s  should be celebrated every day of the year. But now I totally  see why we need a day just to recharge and get pampered.  As mothers I see how we put other peoples needs before our own . Our children,our significant other, our extended family, so its nice to have all those people put you first, even if its just for one day. I still believe that we should celebrate these things every day of the year and show our appreciation for those who nurtured and cared for us because there will be a moment where we will wish they were around, but hey I’ll take mother’s day to.

So how was my mother’s day. For the most part really good. I got a card from my daughter she blessed me over night with sleep (she only woke up once it was amazing) my boyfriend made me breakfast and then dinner at symposium cafee  with the in laws (which if your in the GTA you must try this restaurant it’s absolutely to die for)

Overall it was a great Mother’s Day one in which I had the day off , from baby and from daily chores. I look forward to many more in the years to come


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