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Useful Android Mommy Apps

Thank god for for phones and apps. I swear my life would be a hot mess without them.  Prior to being pregnant I cant’t say I had a lot of apps on my phone. I had maybe the basic things that people would have on their phones. Music apps, apps to keep in touch with with family and friends  and of course my social media app, but apart from that my phone was pretty bare. It isn’t until you become pregnant you find a slew of   apps out their for mom’s. Whether you are an expecting mother and actual mother or one that trying to become a mother you can definitely find an app for what ever situation you’re in. So here are my favourite apps from pre-pregnancy to post both paid and free.


  1. Period Tracker, My Calendar . Okay I know what your thinking. What does this have to do with pregnancy. Well this app is really good at predicting when you will get your period. The more you  input when you get your period the more accurate it gets. Not only that but it also shows you the window that you are the most fertile thus making it easy for you to know what days you have a high chance of conceiving. That way you don’t have to play the guessing game. It does all the hard workso that you don’t have to!
    Price: Free
  2.   Ovia Ovulation Now I personally never used this app. I simply used ‘Period Tracker, My Calendar’  because it did the job for me. But I have used another app from Ovia ( which I will mention) and the app was amazing and easy to use. This app give you tips that can help you conceive as well as a calendar that shows your expected period and when its the best time to conceive. It even give you an alert asking you if you’ve had sex on the days that your fertile! Unlike the period tracker this app is really geared towards women who are actively trying . Its colourful and  easy to use , user friendly and even has a fertility chart!
    Price: Free


  1. My Pregnancy and baby Today by BabyCenter. This is your pregnancy and bible!! This app is especially great for first time mother or mothers that need a refresher. Once you put your expected due date this app informs you each week as to how your baby is growing and what are some normal symptoms of pregnancy. I loved this app not only for how informative it is, but how it connects you with other mothers across the the nation that are expecting in the same birth month as you.You can even take pictures of your baby bum each month! This app continues with you long after birth as well! It tells you what developmental milestones your little one will go through.
    Price : Free
  2. Pregnancy +
    Pregnancy + works the same way as Preg and baby by BabyCenter  the only difference is there is no forum what I liked about this app was that there is a contraction counter and a baby kick counter where you can track how often your baby is kicking. You can track your weight and even write your birth plan if you have one. I manly used it for the baby counter and the contractions counter ( which I didn’t end up needing )
    Price: the app is free but if you want to unlock more you can download Pregnancy ++ for 3.99$
  3. Ovia pregnancy tracker. This app is essentially like the baby centre minus the forum. It lets you know how big you baby is getting and compares it to things such as fruits (I.e this week you little one is the size of a watermelon) . What I liked about this app is that each week it gives you a hand print of how big baby’s hand is at that week.You can track your milestones, input your weights, make a a note for the next time you at the doctor and have questions. So much in this little app that is super helpful

Price: free


  1. Medisafe
    I use this app up to this day. After you give birth you are given a slew of medication that you need to take so that you can recover. If your any thing like me you will forget to take them  ( mommy brain is real ). So how will this app help you? All you have to do is input the drug you need to take and when it needs to  be taken and voilà! The rest is the app. It will remind you when to next take your pill and it will keep reminding you until your press taken.
    Price: Free
  2. Baby day book
    When my daughter was born we were being followed by a nurse to make sure her jaundice didn’t get out of hand. She would ask me a bunch of questions that I didn’t know the answer to like; when did I feed her last, how many wet diapers she had etc. This app will help you record all of that including how long she slept f0r and how much she ate (if your formula feeding if its breastfed you can’t measure that all you can do is state how long you breastfed for ). But it keeps track of every thing. It also keeps track of any information you get from the doctor at their check ups, such as how much they weight and their height all you have to do is input it when the doctor gives you all that information. Its extremely helpful if your little one is being followed, you will be ready for any questions that come your way.
    Price: There was a free version and In order to get the whole thing up had to pay 2,99 but now I heard the app is now 100% free and you have full access to the complete app.
  3. Peek-a-boo Moments: Baby journal
    This app is like a private Facebook for only family and friends to see your pictures of the little on. I really liked this app because all you have to do is upload pictures to the app and any one that has access to your photos can see this. I used it primarily because my family lives in another city so they don’t see my daughter every day. This app allows them to be included on the journey and watch her grow. You can even upload videos!
    Price: Free
  4. Baby pics 
    Now if your any thing like me and want to give your picture a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ then your going to want to download baby pics. you can even use this app while your pregnant! baby pics gives you great artwork and the ability to add personalized text to your pictures. I warn you it can get a little addicting.
    Price: Free

Apps that are good but didn’t make the cut

Wonder weeks

Now this app coincides with the book. Throughout their developmental journey they will go through stages some stages is blue skies and rainbows others will be dark cold and stormy. Essentially it basically gives you a clue as to what is going on with your child when you have no idea. The app keeps you informed about baby’s mental leaps as well ad the fussy phases your are likely to encounter. It is a good app and I do recommend it, I just didn’t use it as often.
Price: Free



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