Me-ternity Leave? You’re joking right?

Last week my daughter blessed me by taking an actual nap  (gasp!), so I had the opportunity  to get some house work done.  But let’s be honest, I needed a break and decided to unwind. My favorite day time talk show is the social so I decided to watch that and see what the topic of conversation was. What was said nearly had me floored.

 There was an article publish by the New York post by a woman who felt that she should get a me-ternity leave. The host went into better details about the article in which the author of that piece believed she should get her own version of maternity leave. I couldn’t believe that someone one so insensitive would say such a thing. So I had to read the article myself .

me-ternity leave


The author is giving the impression that maternity leave is a vacation and she’s entitled to that vacation.  And because she doesn’t have children it would make sense that she would say something as selfish. Maternity leave is not a vacation. Just because I or any other mother are not at work doesn’t mean that taking care of a child is a walk in the park.  There is so much work into raising a child and doing your damn near hardest to keep that child alive. Especially in the first few months of life when SIDS is at its highest. I think this author was incentive and it was just down right rude, offensive and ignorant. I will say that I am sorry for the lost her father and I understand what it’s like to feel burned out but done equate maternity leave as a vacation because it’s not.  When your on vacation you think about things when your on mat leave your brain never turns off cinstantly thinking asnout the well being of your child.  I don’t think there should be something called a me-ternity leave because it’s not maternity leave not is maternity leave a vacation. They are not the same one is a paid vacation the other is raising a child and still maintaining the house (bills chores cooking ) on a reduced income (try 55% in all of Canada, minus Quebec of course). Now I am all for sebaticle if people fee burned out and need a brake I am all for that and company should give individuals that much needed break. But please don’t insult mother’s by saying that it’s offensive and just plain rude. Her tone sounded a little bitter or envious because she choose to further her career then to have children.


There is no joy in rushing to pick up you kids, If you don’t pick them up on time you get charged extra. I can’t speak on behalf of the state’s, but in Ontario daycare is already expensive with rates starting at 1200$ a month. Need I add the cost it is to raise a child?

According to a 2010 USDA report, the average middle-income family will spend roughly $12,000 on child-related expenses in their baby’s first year of life (via Parenting)

What vacation do you spend all that money that isn’t even on yourself? I will be returning to work in a couple of months and let me tell you I am no where near refreshed. I am exhausted, I have a body that was never mine to begin with and I have a responsibilities that need to be upheld even with a baby. No where in my Maternity leave am I on the beach of Jamaica sipping on a margarita enjoying the view. Do you know what my reality is? Waking up at three am to feed a crying hungry baby. Dealing with spit up, poop explosion  and pee on y shirt and pants. Doing an insane amount of laundry. Cooking to feed my face for the week. Fighting with crazy amount of mood swings and praying for it to get easier. In what world is that a vacation, in what world is this refreshing?

I am sure I am not the only mother outraged by this article. And Quite frankly I don’t expect anyone that has no kids to understand. I do expect, however, for people to educate themselves and not open their mouths and show how ignorant they are on the matter. I am sure there are many people who agree with her and think people should be subject to a year off, and if that’s the case then I as well as every other mother should get another year off. That’s right we should get a me-ternity as well, and not have to deal with the responsibility of mother/homemaker and wife. I think for her to finally get a clue ( or anyone that agrees with her ) she/they needs to spend a day in the life of a mother, on mat leave.


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