Prequel: How it all began..

       November 7, 2015 was going to be a new journey for me. It was the day that I packed up my bags and headed to a new city. One that I had visited many times before, to visit family and as a way to escape. As of that day I would find myself permanently in the city Drake called the 6ix. I’ve always wanted to live in such a vibrant city, not that where I was living wasn’t vibrant, but I was ready for change. I embrace it. It was also the day that I would say goodbye to the people I have know all my life. Family, friends and co-workers, I was sad to spend my last few days with them and wished that they would all come with me, even though I knew that wasn’t possible.

        So, here I was bags packed, van packed. My boyfriend was ready to hit the road after being away from home for  two weeks . Soon, myself as well as a newborn baby would meet the city we would call home. The hardest part is seeing my mother, sister and cousin cry. As we all embraced each other I too held back my tears. I needed to be strong. After all this is what I’ve always wanted. Its just in my head it didn’t pan out as well as I had expected. With promises of coming back to visit as well as Facetime and Skype dates I gave them all my hugs and kisses and entered the car. Waving good bye, many thoughts ran through my memory. Will I be okay? Will I make friends? What will the next couple of months have in store for me. As I look out the window my house became further and further away until it was no longer seen in view.

       There is something scary about leaving the life you’ve always known even though you plan this all your life your never fully prepare for it. As we merge onto the highway towards a new destination I look at my daughter who is fast asleep and wonder what adventures she will bring me on this new chapter of my life. Soon the 40 will turn into the 401 and a new city and chapter will be awaiting me…




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