Hospital Bag

After nine months of constantly going to the bathroom, food cravings  extreme fatigue and morning sickness. The day has finally arrived to pack your bag, because let’s face it he/she can come Anytime now. It’s time to prepare for the big days event. If you’re being induced and you know the date you can prepare yourself  two weeks in advance just in case you don’t run into any surprises. I suggest that every expectant mother start packing their bag the day of the final month. That way of anything should happen you can just grab the bag and go. So what will you need?

Suitcase/duffle bag: Some mothers don’t mind packing their stuff in a duffle bag, others in a small size suitcase. In that case the choice is yours, use whatever is most convenient for you . I used a duffle bag.

Diapers: This you really need to check with the hospital. Some hospitals provide parents diapers while they stay at the hospital. Others do not. The hospital I was at I had to provide my own diapers.

Wet wipes

An outfit for when baby leaves the hospital. I made the mistake of bringing 3 baby outfits because I thought they would be bathed while I was there and put it  an outfit. Truth be told they were bathed but they were swaddled immediate in the hospitals receiving blanket. So all those outfits where taking up room in my bad.

Pjs or pj dresses for you to sleep in. I stayed in my hospital gown .This  is up to you. I suggest dresses just because you bleed a lot for the first few days so you may leak onto your pyjamas so make sure it’s a dress-like for easy access to down there as well as pjs you don’t mind tossing if they get ruined.

Pads: and when I mean pads I mean heavy duty. If there are adult diapers version of pads get those. You will bleed like you’ve never bled before (vaginal birth I’m not sure if this is the same for c section). So make sure you have a good brand of pads because you’ll need them for about 2 to 3 weeks post partum  (maybe even longer).

Slippers or thick socks. Do I really need to explain this one? If you like cold floors then omitted this from  your bag.

Soap/toothpaste/washcloth/toothbrush  and towels

Underwears.  Or as I like to call them throw-a-wear, because let’s face it, one, they’re not cute underwear that you wanna wear post pregnancy. Two, they may get ruined.


Always check with the birthing unit  and see what they provide you with and what they don’t and then adjust accordingly.

For your partner a part from carrying the necessities. A change of clothes,undergarment ,toothbrush,towel and toothpaste.  Get them to be on charge of things such as snack. You don’t understand how hungry I was before during and after and my boyfriend was well prepared. We had some healthy snacks and not so healthy. Again check with your hospital some hospitals don’t allow you to eat throughout the whole process .


Let’s face it labour can be a drag and really long so your going to need something to entertain both you and your partner  or something to distract you when you’re in pain. In my case I brought a book. A baby book and my boyfriend brought his speakers. I was planning to dance this child out of me.


Ĺast but not least, your going to need something to capture the moment. Whether it’s a fancy camera with all the bells and whistle or your trusted camera phone. Make sure to have it on you to grab all the precious moments. And make sure it’s fully charged 😊



Hospital bag


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