Come dance and twirl with the birthday girl!

After being with my daughter for one full year. The day came where she turned one. We went from months old to one full year old!!!.

Last October we had put together a big birthday party for my daughter. We invited friends and family  to take part in the celebration. As you can tell by the title it was a themed birthday party, you guessed it , it was a ballerina theme birthday in which the main colors were pink white and gold.

Planning the first birthday is pretty stressful. You have to think about theme or no theme. What will be the colors of the birthday. What food will you serve. What will be the decorations. When planning a party whether it’s your own or your child, Pinterest is your best friend. I’ll be honest I am not the most creative person so looking a things on Pinterest gave me ideas of what I would like to do and what I don’t want to do.

picking the theme

while Pinterest is great with ideas. To many ideas can have you on over load as to all of the creative possibilities. So picking a theme wasn’t easy as they’re so many good ideas! Since my daughters birthday fell on Halloween weekend I thought why not have a costume party. My partner on the other hand wasn’t to thrilled of the idea. He figure don’t people may dress up in something that could scare her. Which was a valid point, my daughter doesn’t warm up to people as it is, the last thing I want her to do is cry at her first birthday. Then we thought of a princess theme in which he came up with Tatiana (princess and the frog) and while I am all for a black princess, that specific princess doesn’t agree with me. So what would be her theme? All we know is we both agreed on something girly. I wanted the colours to be pink and white.After a quick search on Pinterest I  found an array of of ideas, from princess themes to ballerina. I had really liked the ballerina theme and started to look deeper into what the birthday would consist of.

Once I knew what direction I wanted to go in we needed to figure out where would the party be. Since both has of my daughters families are big, we knew to that hosting it in our place was definitely out of the question. We decided to go with our local community centre. Once we booked the community centre the real fun begins , planning and decorating.

This was the invitation we used for her birthday


I didn’t want  plain invitations and let’s be honest in a world of technology I didn’t want to make card and send them in the mail. I was able to find a designer on Etsy that make birthday invitations which fit the theme of her birthday. Now if you don’t know what Etsy is you need to go and take a look. It’s an online community of independent sellers selling their crafts, from baby hats to bachelor/bachelorette party favours. In this case I was able to find a seller that makes electronic invitations that fit her theme. Since we are staying true to the theme I wanted her to be dressed up like a ballerina. Once again,  turned to Etsy and found a seller that makes the cutest tou-tou outfit.


now if your going to have a big  birthday party know that you can’t do it alone. Lucky for me I had a team in which I delegated things too. SInce my daughter is half Ghanaian and Jamaican you can imagine there will be people coming from both sides. So I had my mother make jamaican food my aunt make Guyanese food and my mother in law make Ghanaian food. Therefore there was a mixture of food. My boyfriend and I were in charge of decorations, I was in charge of the sweet table and he was in charge of loot bags.

So how’d it go? Overall the planning process is long and stressful. I had to plan a party all while going back to work( and a new job at that) going back to school, and being a mother. Let’s just  say I was exhausted after the party. But planning the party was fun, if you are planning a party for you little one I suggest you plan everything out get as much creative ideas as possible just to help put thing  into perspective

Did the birthday girl have fun? Of course she did. But I have to say as stressful as it was planning it, it’s always great watching you child soaking up her special day. These are the moments I live for!


**if you want to see more pictures check out my Pinterest page**


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