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Alright mommies, I know we are mothers but we need to also take care of  ourselves as well! Through out my pregnancy I noticed that my pigment got darker and my spot where very vivid (I suffered for acne for years and sadly have the scars to prove it). Since I was pregnant I was afraid of putting anything on my skin that would harm the baby. Now that I am 7 month post partum I am trying to find away to revitalize my face. So here are the products that I am  currently using.

  1. Clinic | acne solution kit

CAKSI am 27 year old and still get some stubborn pimples and sometimes if I’m lucky a full blown breakout! (Yay-_-). I have used so many product and nothing has worked so you can imagine how sceptical I was when my mother suggested using this product. But, I had nothing to lose right? And trust me I wasn’t disappointed. Any time I get a pimple I use it and its significantly reduced the next day when I wake up. After a few days that pimple is gone!

So how does it work; I start off with the cleansing gel( or their is a foam version) and wash my face with it . Once I pat my face dry I use the clarifying lotion which is a liquid like toner that I put on a cotton pad and wipe it all over my face. Finally, I use the all over clearing treatment which is a cream and put that all over my face. When i first received the kit I used it everyday now I only use the kit when I’m breaking out really bad, in which I use it for approximately 2 weeks. Now the updated version does come with its own spin brush which I also have and use. Although I feel like with the cleansing product and the brush it made my skin super dry. so quick solution, I purchase the Clinique moisture surge which brought a lot of moisture to my face.



2. Clarisonic| sonic radiance |

CsrI am currently using this to get my acne scars to fade and even out my skin tone ( trying to reverse as much damage there is to my skin). So how does this work. There are two face washes. One you use in the morning, Skin illuminating cleanser AM and the other one you use before bed, Skin renewal peel wash PM. You start by applying the face wash on your face and then use the Clarisonic spin brush and brush each section of your face. The great thing about this brush is it beeps , which means that you can now move on to next part of your face. The bristles are soft and the wash smells so good! Once you’ve washed your face you move on two step two, the brightening Activator serum. Apply all over you face and that’s it. Once I am done I put on sunscreen. After all what’s the point of correcting the damage if I am going to damage it even more??

Last but not least, water. It will be your best friend, if your breastfeeding then ignore this section. But if you are not breastfeeding water, water, WATER!!! Its good for the the skin, hands and nails. My suggestion is to drink as much water as possible. Trust me you’ll thanks me later.

Now am I consistently using both these products. Unfortunately no. I have Jenae on a scheduled routine and in that routine, I am not incorporated in it. So I don’t use both products as religiously as I should be . However I do use them. Clinic really does help me in terms of the pimples on my face. Hands down its a great product and I heard it helps really well if you have full blown acne. So if you have tried everything, including the infamous proactive and nothings work give it a try . As for the Clarisonic I have notice that the scars in my face are fading (Hooray!) I just need to use it a little more often.

So overall both are really good products to use if you want to jump on taking better care of your skin and reversing some of the damage you’ve done over the years ( or the sun, lets blame the sun )


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