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    The Return

    I have to say as a Canadian we are truly blessed and fortunate to be given a year off . Not only is it to care for our precious gift, but also be able to take cake of ourselves. Labour and delivery is a memorable event unfortunately it does leave it’s scars, whether it be scars from a c-section of the traumatic emotional events that impact you. Nevertheless, it is the one event  where we wait 9 months to meet the love of our lives for the first time. It is during this time where we really learn the definition of a mothers unconditional love we will have for our child.

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    Beauty regime

    Alright mommies, I know we are mothers but we need to also take care of  ourselves as well! Through out my pregnancy I noticed that my pigment got darker and my spot where very vivid (I suffered for acne for years and sadly have the scars to prove it). Since I was pregnant I was afraid of putting anything on my skin that would harm the baby. Now that I am 7 month post partum I am trying to find away to revitalize my face. So here are the products that I am  currently using.

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    WARNING: to all future Dad’s

    Men let me talk to you for a second. So you found the woman of your dreams you put a ring on it walked down the aisle and bought a house . Naturally there only one more thing left to check off. Childbirth. Now for many of you men  the idea of having a mini you sounds great! It’s a way to carry on the name or for most of you, you just want to experience what it’s like to be a father. BUT BEFORE YOU DO you need to understand the journey you are about to embark on. Yes, childbirth is a great thing. Anyone that gets to experience this wonderful and beautiful journey should be considered the ultimate blessing. But it’s not all blue skies and red roses. I write this because as women we are somewhat aware of what we going to embark on. As far as pregnancy we, as women, kinda know what we’ve sign up  for.  I do think that the men are not ready for what may happen when the baby is born. So grab a glass of wine and your dear wife, because after reading this it will most likely stir up a conversation that you and your significant other need to have.

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